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Mystic Echo
Echoes from another world
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19th-Dec-2006 06:33 pm - Some Rebecca Icons

If anyone likes them, just comment and credit, that's it:) 


28th-Sep-2006 01:00 am - Jesper Tydén Icons

oSoon or later, someone's going to make them. So, here it is:

A set of icons with Jesper Tydén, a musical actor/singer who is currently *sob* still on top of my celebrity crush list.
Icons are dedicated valancystarvenefica32 and ibelong2me
Well, if there are any more Jesper fans out there, please comment and credit.



30th-Aug-2006 12:14 pm - Lyrics of "Kein Kommen ohne Geh'n"

For valancystar.
This is the German lyrics of the song that only appears in the Hungarian and Japanese (both Takarazuka and Toho) productions of musical Elisabeth.

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