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Mystic Echo
Echoes from another world
Jesper Tydén Icons 
28th-Sep-2006 01:00 am

oSoon or later, someone's going to make them. So, here it is:

A set of icons with Jesper Tydén, a musical actor/singer who is currently *sob* still on top of my celebrity crush list.
Icons are dedicated valancystarvenefica32 and ibelong2me
Well, if there are any more Jesper fans out there, please comment and credit.



15 Icons (100x100)

01.  02.  03.
04.  05.  06.
07.  08.  09.
10.  11.  12.
13.  14.  15.

Hia hia hia, here is my favourite...

Animated Gif (100x100)

Narcissistic, isn't it?
28th-Sep-2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
Exactly, I don't know what Jesper's thinking. In fact his music bothers me more than his scruffy photo. That new song of his actually has a rather brain-washing tune, it's not bad at all when I just listen to the music, but the lyrics! Did he write those himself?! Too ordinary, so mainstream, and I couldn't sympathize with its contents because as a musical fan I listen to far better stuff all the time. As for that photo...*Sigh* I just hope he's NOT going to use it on the cover of his new album! (Which is quite likely to happen, I realise...)

btw. He won't be taken seriously if he's pretty? Honest saying, I hate men with such conventional thoughts! To be masculine is not about looking coarse, on the contrary I find his pretty roles - Rudolf, Jonathan, even Jesus Christ so much more manly than the latest Robin Hood. Männer, männer...if I am looking for pretty vases I'd go straight for pop idols...don't they get it?
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